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custom log design
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Combining the Beauty of 
Log Construction with 
Conventional Construction
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The aesthetics of a Custom Log Structure stand alone. Timeless works of art to be enjoyed every time it is looked at. No machine can recreate a hand-peeled log or a scribe-to-fit notch, this is evident in all Otto Log Works products. The same attention put into our custom log crafting is in our customer relations, and in the case of a structure this is especially important.
We work one-on-one with customers to assure the highest level of satisfaction. 

The above and below two rows are Full Round Post and Beam. A  "skeleton" of load bearing vertical and horizontal logs create the main infastructure parts, walls can then be inserted between log posts and roof/floor framing installed over purlins/joists. The top row house has log infill for walls, flats were milled on either side of logs then stacked between posts. The second row house is sheeted-2x4 framed walls with hand peeled 1/2 log siding. The third row house has sheeted-2x6 walls with stucco. The forth row is 2x6 walls with bat-n-board siding. Milled flats on log posts and beams make wall and roof/flooring installation very simple. This style has been popular with customers who are interested in doing certain portions themselves(i.e. wall/roof framing, electric, plumbing, ect.), and the cost advantage can be substantial, a home with log charecter but not the cost and maitenance of a full round construction.
The bottom two rows are Full Round Stacking. We offer saddle notch corners, full scribe, chink style, flat-to-flat, or butt-and-pass. The most popular has been chink style with saddle notch corners, this traditional style has all the classic charm and time tested durability that log homes are known for, and with the superior chinking and stains avalible, maintenance has been dramatically reduced.
We work one on one with our customers to make sure they are getting exactly what they are wanting in a structure, whether its a small getaway cabin or permanent home, choosing to have Otto Log Works build your structure guarantees a personalized touch to your home building experience.