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Staircases and Railing
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​Custom log staircases and railing are more than functional climbing items and safety blockades.  They instantly become the centerpiece in rooms, the focal points on the exterior, and the character that defines a structure.

Of all the componants in a structure, none convey the essence of logwork
more than staircases and railings, direct contact with pieces instills a connection to nature, and an appreciation for the complex irregularities of all the parts.
Staircases are assembled in 3 basic styles:

1/2 log treads with 1/2 log stringers on sides:
This version may the most economical, but may be difficult to install, notches in stringers that recieve treads require the staircase to be fully assembled, and then positioned with a heavy duty lifting device. This is easily done on new construction before a structure is closed in, but may be difficult in completed structures. Variations of the style to ease install are avalable.

​1/2 log tread with full-round stringers:
This version showcases the full tread with the support stringer notched underneath to recieve treads, this option may be easier to install, once stringers have been set, treads fit in notchs and get fastened from underside.

Spiral Staircases: 
Perhaps the most striking of log staircases, require onsite fabrication in most cases as railing is a structural part of the unit. Certain building codes must be considered with a spiral staircase.
Railing sections are hand peeled or machine turned and mortise and tenon jointed, tenons can be machine turned or hand formed (no shoulder), and are typically 2" for spindles and 3" for top/bottom horizontal rails.
Sections can be ordered fully assembled and built to spec. length or in pieces (spindles, rails) to be assembled onsite.
​Structures must be designed to handle the additional weight of a log staircase, and local building codes referenced.
​ Accurate measurements will be critical for staircases/railings. Blueprints,pictures,
drawings, and onsite measurement may all be necessary.