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Log Detail Accents
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These  Log Detail Accents vary in look and function: 

1/2 Log Accents and Corner Wraps are primarily aesthetic and can be added to existing structures. The above left, bottom left, and bottom middle photos are 1/2 logs and corner wraps fastened to existing structure.  

Log Trusses make an incredible entryway feature and have been as popular as additions on existing structures and incorporated into new construction projects. Trusses can be paired with purlins/ridges as support for rafters. 
These details are usually identified in blueprints with engineers specs according to local building codes.

​Verandas and entry gates are also nice additions to a property.
All Log Detail Accents on this page were fabricated offsite from detailed onsite measurements then reset onsite, some were retro-fits from original designs, others were called out for in building prints, and some were simple log add-ons. Otto Log Work's systems have made it posible to ship custom products for re-assembly onsite, and with detailed install hints tailored to customers orders, adding custom logwork to a project 
may be easier than it seems.