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Otto Log Works
custom log design
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Combining the Beauty of 
Log Construction with 
Conventional Construction
Log Crown Moulding
Design consulting with Otto Log Works welcomed!
​This versatile trim has been popular for customers wanting to add log character in conventional framed homes as well as in log structures.

 Multiple customers approached me wanting a subtle log detail to give a room that "special something".
I proposed adding logs to create a post and beam style facade, the results were truely remarkable, the addition of Log Crown Moulding turned  very average rooms into works of art.

​The response was so positive, I decided to create a version that could be shipped and installed by anyone, contractors and homeowners alike will love the ease of installation, stability, and incredible results.

Pieces can be used as mouldings,
 in corners as faux supports, create shelving ledgers, base trim,          along stub walls,
or whatever you can imagine! 

​Add other Otto Log Works custom crafted items and you can create an extraordinary look on any structure.
Moulding orders can be custom assembled or purchased in standard 8' and 12' lengths. Pre-made inside and outside corners available to further expedite install process.

All pieces are hand peeled lodgepole pine and sizes will vary from 
3" to 4" on flat edges.

Standard orders are grouped 4 to a pack, sorted for similar sizing, strapped together for stability, and boxed for individual pack shipment.

Custom orders are assembled according to lengths required, corner details, special cuts (pitched ceilings, smaller/ larger profiles, etc.), and pieces being used in conjunction with other OLW products (corner wraps, 1/2 logs, etc.).

Scribe-to-fit details(such as a corner wrap meeting with moulding) available. ​Extended length walls requiring butt-joints can be pre-fitted and numbered for a tight joint. 
These options are made possible by allowing for an onsite length finish cut on a butt-joint, which is necessary for a completely tight fit.

All orders come with install hints tailored to order details.
​Paired with 1/2 log door wrap.
Used as shelving ledger.
Pre-made inside corner.
 paired with corner wrap.
 Log Crown Moulding, horizontal and vertical.