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 Otto Log Works is family-owned and operated. Since our company began operations in 2001, we have had the distinct privledge of being able to install our version of "artwork" for many customers, each as unique as the logs being used. Individual customer relations is the foundation of our services.
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I would like to thank all my family, friends, customers, employees, and contractors for making this possible!

How to order our products:
Orders can be divided into 2 main catagories, processed materials orders and customized materials orders.

 A processed materials order may include items such as bundles of standard length log crown moulding, railing 
spindles, staircase treads, 1/2 logs, cornerwraps, posts, etc. These items will be hand peeled or machine peeled and   
cut to specific lengths but will not have any special cuts or notches for assembly. This may work well for
 do-it-yourself-ers or contractors. All order types come with install hints/directions.  A list of desired items and rough 
onsite measurements with consideration for extra is recomended.

customized materials order may include the same items except have connecting portions, notches, special cuts, and be specific to a customers application needs. An example would be a customer calls with specific dimensions of a room and wants to do log crown moulding around the ceiling, inside corner vertical supports, vertical corner wraps, and would like connected portions with notched details. After verifying exact order details, OLW would assemble the order (with appropriate lengths, notches, and componants), comprise install directions, pack shipment, 
and arrange delivery.

Both order types will require some level of onsite fitting, finish cuts in pre-determined spots are necessary for a completely tight fit. These will be relatively simple cuts, a staight cut on a corner wrap to match wall height, a beveled cut on a log crown moulding section to match the butting section, etc. Such onsite cuts will be custom tailored to each order and carefully laid out in directions.

Otto Log Works offers regional delivery and onsite installation.  We are based in central Wyoming; otherwise 
shipping can be arranged.
​With the wide variety of products offered, pricing will be dependant on individual orders. An online ordering system for standard length log crown moulding is in the works with a mid-summer roll-out time frame.  In the interim, contacting Otto Log Works by phone or email is the best way to get more information and place an order. 
Contractor/bulk order discounts available, this may be an advantage for builders looking to to add a special theme to a group of homes or buildings. This may work well for contractors upselling our product to there customers, (basement remodel, additions, siding, ect.) and might be what differientiates your company from the competition.
Otto Log Works believes strongly in forest conservation, our products are primarily from standing dead trees, and we have virtually zero waste.  Your purchase helps a great cause.  
The preservation and utilization of one of America's best resources!
Incorporating Custom Log Work into your projects can seem intimidating, the irregularities of logs are very unique to work with, that is what distinguishes log crafting.  It is in a different class than most items included into a project; the un-equalled uniqueness of the log parts becomes artwork.

The aesthetics of  Custom Log construction stand alone, timeless works of art to be enjoyed every time it is looked at or utilized. No machine can recreate a hand-peeled log or a scribe-to-fit notch, this evident in all Otto Log Works products. The same attention put into our custom log crafting is in our customer relations.
We work one-on-one with customers to assure the highest level of satisfaction. 

Our goal is to provide a product that can be shipped throughout the U.S., installed by anybody with average construction knowledge, and add a custom craftsmanship touch to any home or business.

​Thank you for visiting Otto Log Works, and please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions!
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